Water is the most precious resource

Patriot Technologies, Inc. is addressing the issue of water conservation head-on with the creation of our unique system. By creating, testing and implementing a true Closed Loop System, we have the ability to take wastewater from a process and recycle it for reuse.

We lower your costs

Patriot Technologies, Inc. can save both time and money for your company’s drilling project by providing and maintaining an all-inclusive, self-contained closed loop system. Read more about our system.

We create the best solution for you

Do the new regulatory requirements and environmental management standards seem expensive? By collaborating with your environmental team, Patriot Technologies, Inc. offers a less expensive alternative. Read more about our team.

We provide the best people

By entrusting Patriot Technologies, Inc. not only will your company not have to spend money on training personnel, your company won’t have to incure the cost of hiring additional employees either. Our team is comprised of talented and experienced people who are committed to providing your company the very best solution for your needs. Contact us today!

Who we are

Our organization is committed to providing exceptional service. Each and every one of our employees possess highly-effective problem solving skills.

What we do

Patriot Technologies, Inc. builds mobile waste water treatment systems that utilize separation techniques based upon the unique design of our very own.

Join Our Company

Join us! We are a rapidly growing organization that provides the opportunity to work in an exciting and challenging environment.