Founded in 2006, Patriot Technologies, Inc. has been providing solutions to the overwhelming environmental and drilling needs of companies throughout the United States.  The current rules and regulations of many Oil and Gas Regulatory Commissions are being implemented and changed monthly.   By utilizing Patriot’s Closed Loop system the drilling company you the customer reduce your exposure to problems associated with today the expensive cleanup of the drill location and the even more expensive: long term liability of the unwanted surfacing of problems years from now.

This organization is committed to providing exception service.  Each and every one of our employees possess highly effective problem solving skills.  As a result, we understand the importance of teamwork,  constructing on the go solutions as well as for our most important focus – our customers.

Water is our most precious resource.  By allowing the reuse of water at your next drill location, Patriot Technologies, Inc. and your organization, can help preserve water, directly benefiting the sacred environment in which we live.