Closed Loop System

Patriot Technologies, Inc. builds mobile waste water treatment systems that utilize separation techniques based upon a unique design; a design based upon a true Closed Loop System.

Our mobile waste water treatment system is developed to work along side a designated drilling rig, all the while operating as a self contained system.  The self-contained system is made possible by:

Mounting all equipment inside our 53 foot converted insulated trailers.

Supplying power for operation via a 275KW standby power generator during operation, with an additional 10KW auxiliary backup generator.

Incorporating eight main variable speed series pumps, each providing a different and unique functions and seven tanks linked within the series that facilitate the stripping process. It is within these pumps and tanks where chemicals are either injected into or removed from the water depending upon the direction of the 2 person crew assigned to the location. All of the pumps and tanks are based around the separation technology used to strip the water from solids and/or drilling fluids that are contained in reserve pits.

A computer system, overseen by a chief operator, that contains two main drives as well as four auxiliary drives, all of which are VFD (Variable Frequency Drives) in order to control speed timing and ration of chemical interaction between water, mud and the devices.  Together, all of the devices mentioned above are designed to interact with the separation unit housed in the rear of the trailer.

Because this unit is self contained and the multi functional centrifuge system the customer will benefit from location to location.  We have processed up to 10 tons per hour of cuttings and solids with a single centrifuge system.  Adding an additional unit will double the capacity.  With time and budgets the utmost consideration we are prepared and experienced for you to drill 500 feet per hour.